The Growth of the Solar Lighting Industry

It was only a few years back when solar lights designed for outdoors were being offered by only a very few companies, and it was also a time when the selection was fairly limited.  Solar garden lighting could only be found in relatively few choices of styles and the competition between different manufacturers was almost nonexistent.  With the continued growth of the technology for solar power in recent years, much of that has changed.  The industry that had previously been dominated by only a handful of manufacturers has now evolved into an industry where there are numerous manufacturers of solar lighting all vying for their own share of this ever growing market for solar lights.

One of the big leaders in the revolution of solar lighting is Westinghouse.  Almost anyone who has heard of solar powered lighting has heard of Westinghouse.  In fact, if you went to do a Google search for “Westinghouse solar lights”, Westinghouse would definitely come up on the list of recommended sites for the search term results.  There are three main reasons they have so much popularity:

1.         They have been involved in the industry since the beginning.

2.         They consistently manufacture a high quality product.

3.         They constantly produce new varieties and styles.

While these three great reasons have provided enough to help keep them sustained so far, there are a lot of other companies who are looking to move up and take over the position of the most popular manufacturer for solar lights.  Some of the companies vying for this position are: Smart Solar, Malibu, Silicon Solar, and Moonrays.  In fact, an search for their top selling solar powered garden lights will find Smart Solar and Moonrays products dominating the first page of results.

The biggest reason I can see that the rise in popularity for these other companies is that they consistently put out top quality products and offer a wide selection of styles, they are also less expensive.  Moonrays, for example, offers a solar powered glass ball light that changes color and it is almost half the cost of Westinghouse.  Will the quality of their product match the high standards Westinghouse has long been known for?  Time will certainly tell, but the customer reviews, so far, have all been excellent.  There are similar outdoor lighting options available from other manufacturers.

The point here is that you should not limit yourself only to the brands that you are most familiar with.  Look at what many of the other vendors are offering; read some of the customer reviews.  The main goal is to find the best solar powered garden light for your money.

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