Guide for PVC French Doors

PVC, also referred to uPVC which stands for Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic material and has been used in the construction industry for quite some time. It is mostly used for windows and doors, but also used for other components such as fascia board and rainwater goods. PVC is used extensively in the making of doors including PVC French Doors. These door sets comprise two doors that can open outwards or inward depending on the space available to allow the doors to fully swing open. They are attached to a surround frame usually with three adjustable hinges. Most manufacturers will supply the complete door set containing the frame, doors, glazing and door handles as a complete unit ready for fixing into the opening. The fixing process is relatively easy and can be completed by a handy man.

Due to the large area of glass usually found in uPVC french doors some thought must be given to the thermal efficiency of the glass. Windows and doors are a weak point allowing heat to transfer from inside to outside during the winter, outside to inside during the hot summer months and reducing solar heat gain. Special glass must be used that will resist the passage of heat in either direction. In addition to thermal glass, safety is an important consideration. If someone accidently falls against the glass door and the glass breaks, serious injury could result unless safety glass is used. Two types can be used – laminated or toughened. Laminated incorporates a plastic film between two panes and if broken the film will retain the integrity of the pane. Toughened glass goes through a tempering process that will toughen the glass and if it breaks it will shatter into small relatively harmless pieces.

French doors are not only on the exterior walls of your home. They can also be used internally. A room can be split with interior French doors dividing them. These doors are usually made from wood rather than PVC and many species of timber are available for you to choose from.

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