The Haier HNSE032 Refrigerator – Great for Small Spaces

You might not have heard of Haier, but they are a specialty refrigeration company who desigsn and manufacture small compact fridges that are great for people whose small spaces necessitate a smaller fridge unit.  The HNSE032 model is one of their highest-rated mini fridges and tends to average out a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars from online reviewer who have already bought one.  But what makes it so popular?  Here are just a few highlights of it’s pros and cons.

Over Three Foot of Capacity

Haier Cheap Fridge FreezerIf you buy the Haier HNSE032 small fridge then you will benefit from 3.2 cubic feet of capacity.  The internal aspects to the refrigerator are very good – it’s clear to see that the design team has tried to eke out as much space as possible inside.  It’s a great design in a small package.  Need more to compare with? You can compare with others on this site: Haier HNSE032 refrigerator.

Door Components Not as Good as They Could Be

Haier Compact RefrigeratorHowever, there is a slight rattle when you open the door – the components are not of the highest quality that they could be.  This is especially the case if you have a lot of food and soda cans within the inner door.  There’s a soda can dispenser which is basically a wire basket – it can be quite noisy and does not look as robust as you might expect.  However, being able to grab a cold can might easily appeal to students or gamers who want to use this fridge in their dorm/bedroom.

Can Become Over-Frosted and Iced-Up

Other negative aspects to the compact Haier are the fact that the top freezer can tend to over-freeze with ice coming into the top of the fridge aspect.  This is despite the fact that there are adjustable temperature settings behind the unit. This is really an issue with many smaller refrigerator units. Some under counter freezers and refrigerators suffer from this same fate.

Cheap to Run and Energy Efficient

But above all, it is very cheap and is affordable to run on a budget. If cutting down on house-hold bills and energy expenses is important to you then you should really look no further than the Haier HNSE032 fridge.  Research states that it will cost less than $35 US dollars to run annually – which is cheap by anyone’s standards especially when compared to rival fridge/freezers.

Overall the Haier HNSE032 is not the best, but it is cheap at under one hundred dollars.  Due to the low price point you can see why this mini fridge is so popular and sells so many units.  If you want a cheap dorm fridge or a refrigerator to suit a small apartment then this could be just the model for you. It might also be the perfect solution for your outdoor patio or kitchen space, where the elements may take their toll.

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