Halogen Heaters: Cost Effective and Convenient

Halogen heaters are a cost effective means of instant heat and suitable for any being used in any room, garage and outdoors. Contemporary in style, these heaters provide warmth through halogen lamps. The heat radiated by halogen lamp heaters keeps the room quite warm even after the unit is turned off. It is one of the most efficient products in the heating category available to keep your home warm, especially for those chilly mornings and evenings.

A halogen heater has several benefits apart from producing instant heat. These lightweight, portable units make it easy to take them anywhere. The oscillating halogen based heater circulates warm air with higher energy efficiency compared to conventional heaters. Installing a halogen electric heater is quite simple.

Comfort Zone CZHTV9 Flat Panel Halogen Heater

Always rely on comfort zone-America’s heating and cooling choice. 70-degree automatic oscillation. Contemporary design. Power indicator light. Durable metal housing. A safety tip-over cut-off switch provides the added comfort of safety. 120 v a/c. ETL approved for safety. 400/800-watt.

WindChaser PARHAL66 Halogen Far Infrared Parabolic Heater

The WindChaser PARHAL66 halogen far infrared parabolic heater provides deep penetrating warmth. The halogen tube heats the room without depleting the oxygen in the air while the honeycomb reflection plate spreads heat in 6 different angles. The heater emits more than 90% of the energy it uses and…

Honeywell HZ-315 Quick Heat Ceramic Heater

Quick Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

The portable units can be plugged to a socket in the room and the heater will be ready to use. When setting up halogen quartz heaters and infrared wall mountable models, the simple installation guide will provide you with clear instructions.  Setting up these heaters can be just a matter of opening them up and plugging them in – not too much to learn!  You may want to use a surge protector for the simple reason that these units may trip your breaker if used on a circuit with other appliances during the colder months.

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There are different models and sizes of glare free heaters using halogen elements. These are economical and contain energy saving controls for cutting the cost on utility bills in winter. Aluminum casing makes them resist corrosion and is hassle free to maintain. In case of overheating; the halogen heater automatically turns off to avoid a dangerous issue or any potential fire hazard.

Enclosed halogen heating is also an environmentally friendly product and safe for homes with kids and pets. Even if they are priced a little higher than conventional heaters, these heaters save you money and you know you are doing more to help the environment as well. Check for the new models with enclosed halogen tube heaters. These are energy and space efficient, providing high heat with lower energy consumption. Priced around $50 USD and above, these heaters are ideal for both indoor and patio heating during cold winter months.

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