Headboards for Beds

The bedroom is an important place for most people. It is where we escape from the stresses of the day into a warm and quiet state of relaxation. Bedroom designs with a consistent and stylish theme are important. It creates a personalized space that flows together. Headboards for beds are very important in the overall design. They will tie the rest of the room together, and many times act as a focal point in the room. There are many style options available.

Here is an example of a nicely carved headboard design.

Some headboard ideas are made to be statement pieces, among other furniture items.  These were more typical of times past where royalty and other aristocrats had very elaborate carved headboards.  In the current designs of modern homes, there are less ornately carved details in favor of some of the ideas discussed below.

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Contemporary Styles

You can consider a headboard as another piece of custom bedroom furniture in your room.  A contemporary or modern design is simple and sleek. It utilizes lines, geometric shapes, and earth tones. Sometimes brighter colors are included as accents. These rooms have minimal clutter or decoration. Instead of having multiple pictures, prints or cluttered walls and shelves, a contemporary room may have much more clean lines.

The headboard in such a room will also be simple. Black, white, and brown are popular colors. Sometimes a simple rectangular wooden headboard is used. Leather headboards are another popular selection and they can certainly make a statement.  As is often the case, leather makes for a handsome and masculine element to the bedroom. Because of their simplicity, they are not very expensive. South Shore has a selection of sleek headboards with prices ranging from $70-$130.

Country Living

Another popular design is country or Americana. This design features patterns and traditional decor. Bright and cheerful colors are used. These rooms are usually decorated with charming paintings, knick-knacks, and other accessories. Headboards are often intricately carved out of wood. They are high, and can also have shelving and other storage units as part of the design – not unlike a bed with drawers.  The wood can be painted or treated with varnish to give it shine and luster. Because of the extra detailing, these traditional pieces will be more expensive. Standard Furniture has them for $100-$700.

Basic and Neutral Designs

Sometimes people have a combination of styles. If this is the case, then a neutral headboard will be needed. This will also make it easier to switch styles and decors. Some of the best types you’ll find may be upholstered headboards. These are lightweight, affordable, and they go with a variety of styles. They can be found for as little as $60 on some of the larger online marketplace sites, like Amazon.

Finding the right headboards for beds is important. It will help create a unique and personal style. There are a variety of designs and styles to choose from. They can be very simple or elaborately carved. There are also pieces that are neutral in their design to fit a variety of styles.

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