Bring More Panache into Your Home With Area Rugs

There’s no end to the variations and styles of area rugs—Persian, Oriental, Tibetan, Flokati, modern, braided, shag, animal prints, rugs for children’s rooms, indoor or outside along with stair runners. They are available in all shapes such as rectangular, square, octagon , hexagon, oval or round. There are many sizes to choose from so any room is your house is bound to find the rug that will match it perfectly. And, if you’re looking for an alternative to wall to wall or indoor outdoor carpeting, consider an area rug to add that little bit of panache to any space in your home.

Before you run out and buy the first rug you see, you should really do a bit of planning. If you happen to be working with an unfilled room contemplate the flooring first, the paint, furniture, draperies and accessories around the floor. Just try to create in your mind what the whole space could look like and think about what the area rug is trying to achieve within the room.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to design. Color, style and also the texture will determine just what the ambiance of the room will be like. Now, keep in mind that lighter rugs with subtle patterns will make a room seem more open while darker rugs will make the room feel warmer and cozier. Modern style rugs can add a some unique creativity into the room or you might want to create a more traditional appearance with an Persian rug.

Always evaluate the size of the space you would like to cover. Large area rugs offer comfort and can help reduce noise in big rooms. Smaller area rugs should be considered if you want to add splashes of color or a bit of visual interest in bedrooms or other rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.

A large area rug is not your only option.  Rugs not only come in various shapes and colors, but something else that should be considered are the materials they are made of. Rugs can be comprised of synthetic or natural yarns using various forms of weaving and manufacturing. Natural rugs utilize animal or plant fibers such as wool, cotton, sisal, jute or bamboo. Synthetic styles are made of artificial materials including octagon , rayon, nylon and acrylic and are perfect for outdoor rugs where the elements will take their toll.

Wool is considered one of the highest quality textile floor coverings obtainable and are in high demand due to their long life, different styles, and splendor they can add to any room. Wool can come from different species of animals and you could find many unique rug designs made from it. A good thing about wool area rugs is their resilience—wool has superior durability than man-made materials. Furthermore, it’s also great for those with allergen hypersensitivities because it naturally resists dust mites.

A trendy style which has made a comeback are shag area rugs. Even if you are dreaming up visions of ghastly 1960s style pink rugs and lava lamps, contemporary shag wool rugs are quite elegant. They’re an excellent way bring some cool style into your home.

Another choice are rugs made from cotton. Rugs made with cotton are strong and sturdy and can easily absorb a wide variety of dyes. This can provide a huge variety of colors to pick from. Cotton-wool blended area rugs are a well-liked choice. They are usually less costly than all-wool rugs and they feel wonderful under your toes but a cotton or cotton-blend rug can wear out earlier than all-wool types.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to area rugs and easiest way to get right into it is to just pay a visit to a local rug seller or search for online dealers. There is a benefit of traveling to a neighborhood rug store because you’ll be experiencing the rug’s true size and texture. No matter where you obtain your new area rug from, it is certain to add flair, comfort and delight to a room for years to come.

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