Home Decor for the Quirky House

Ever considered setting up a house to fulfill your craziest dreams?  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but quirky houses are definitely out there.  If you are a fan, you will spot them everywhere, and chances are when you see something quirky you will be craving it for your kitchen, living room, patio, hallway, bathroom or bedroom

You may like to think of it as quirky, or you may prefer the perhaps more flattering term, “individualistic” or “a house with personality”.

Here are some tips for setting up a quirky house, or whatever you want to call it.  Set your sights on sorting out some of the big items first; a large wall clock such as a karlsson clock which is different yet not too brash for the living room, some funky sofas or armchairs that invite yet amuse at the same time, some wall art hangings or canvas prints which really bring out the theme you are going for.

You may be going for an electronic theme, a 60’s theme, a windmill theme, a garage band theme, a spaceship theme, a cooking show theme… whatever it is, try and make your house fit the theme by using the large items to display your theme and your smaller items and decorations to offset this by bringing normality into the arrangement and also by adding extra personal touches to your overall idea.  For instance, you may already have a sound system which fits your quirky house theme and you want this to be a main part of the theme.  Think of smaller items such as record posters, album art, fan posters of even classical sheet music – whichever style you are going for – and add this is around the edges of the room.  This will make it seem more natural, because you probably don’t want a try-hard look – unless of course that was your quirky house theme’s intention!

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