Interior Home Storage Ideas: Decorative Storage Boxes and Vacuum Storage Bags

Even if you don’t know it by this name, you’ve probably spent time on your home storage design. This is the art (and yes, it’s an art) of reducing clutter that you have throughout your home, by any means necessary. This may mean getting rid of things, or packing them away more efficiently, or using decorative storage boxes to both store them away and decorate the room at the same time, but however you do it, it takes practice to really get down right.

Bigso Box recycled fiberboard storage box in a medium compact size. Comes as a set of two boxes in black. Will ship “knocked down” and when assembled, forms a sturdy box for many purposes. A metal band forms the outside shape of the top, to add strength to the box

Many of us don’t have the room we want in our homes, and so using decorative containers is actually a great alternative to having extra storage room. These materials can be made of plastic, metal and even cardboard. Cardboard decorative storage boxes and containers can be used to both add to the decor and theme of a room, while at the same time tucking your things away nicely. Rubbermaid, Jetmax, Bigso, Lipper and Waverly are some popular brand names to consider.

You can also tuck your things away in specific furniture pieces.  Good examples are an antique trunk, a leather ottoman with storage or even simply plastic containers that match the colors in the living room. Get a couple decorations that match the rest of the room, and with these, you end up with a room that will stop people in their tracks.

Another good example of home storage design is to reduce the space that your current things take. A way to do this you may be unaware of is through the use of vacuum storage bags. These bags can be vacuum sealed when you fill them up, and if you put a small pile of clothing in them, you’d be amazed at how much extra room you can end up with! Piles of out of season shirts and pants can be reduced by as much as 40% or so, and then they’re also airtight so you can keep them anyway you need to – if you’re really short on space, stuff them under the couch or dresser. Just be careful that the bags don’t get caught on anything and lose their vacuum, or you’ll have a touch time on your hands.

Space Bag BR-86123-4 Vacuum-Seal Cube-Shaped Storage Bags, Set of 3, Large, Extra Large, and Jumbo

Increase your storage space by vacuuming the air from your bulky or seasonal items

Space Bag BRS-5803-6 Dual-Use Vacuum-Seal and Roll Storage Bags, Set of 3, Large

Increase your storage space by vacuuming the air from your bulky or seasonal items

Finally, you may need to think about getting rid of some of your things, but really, through use of decorative containers and careful closet packing, you shouldn’t have to consider this unless your home is already extremely cluttered. Home storage design is an art, it takes work and experience to really figure out the best way to keep your things stored away. Good luck!

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