How to Clean a Leather Dining Chair

If you have a leather dining chair you most probably want to keep it clean and looking good and in top condition. Here is a simple and easy way to do that without too much fuss. Leather is well known for it’s shine, durability and good looks so keeping it looking as good as the day you brought it not only will prolong the life of the chair but will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

What type of leather you have will determine how and the best way to clean it, but with most leather it is pretty much straight forward.  These same ideas could be applied to a leather armchair or other furniture items made of leather in your home.

First of all you want to dust the chair at least once a week as you will be surprised at how much dust it can accumulate in just one week. Use a feather duster and lightly dust the chair from top to bottom, too get at those stubborn dust spots you want to vacuum your chair once a month, it is best to use a small hose attachment to clean crevices and hard to reach places.

If you have a stain the best way to clean it is to catch it early before it sets, although there are cleaning solutions that will take it out if need be.  Try to avoid solutions with solvents in it, in most cases a clean damp cloth will do the trick just fine.  As mentioned, if you have to use a solution then find one that is especially used for leather surfaces. If you do happen to catch the spill then contain it quickly by covering it with a clean towel and then buff the area with a dry cloth. For extra care keep your leather dining chair clean by treating it once a year with a leather conditioner you can find these at most hardware store outlets but to be sure consult your local chair manufacture for the best products to use.

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