How To Design a Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the hardest places in the home visualize where the different features can fit and how to design it to maximize your space.  Since the bathroom is going to be used a lot, it is an area of the house that you want to look its best all the time. In this article, you will find some tips on how to design your bathroom so that it not only looks great, but is functional as well.  These same principles apply to both the guest and master bathrooms.

Bathroom Installation

The first thing that we are going to go over is bathroom installation. When you are thinking about bathroom remodeling, there are a few things that you are going to have to keep in mind. At the most basic level, you’re going to have to install a new tub or shower, possibly a sink, toilet and maybe a counter.  Other likely improvements include tiling, lighting and maybe bathroom blinds or other window coverings for privacy.  If you want to keep the air fresh and maintain the proper ventilation in this space, purchasing a bathroom fan will also be an important functional addition.

Some of these things might be simple projects for the DIYer.  Others require professional know how in order to have it done right. Consider the variety of shower designs.  Some are more simple, others have more extensive plumbing and even electrical work in modern technologically advanced showers.

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If you think you can handle the task though, go right ahead. Just be careful and only work with what you fully understand since one mistake can usually be very costly in a situation like this.  Plumbing and electrical issues in a bathroom should be done with careful attention.

Bathroom Design

The last thing to go over briefly is the overall look or design of your bathroom.  American and European bathroom design are similar in many ways, though there are unique differences with regard to water use and size limitations.  Interior design includes all rooms of the home and this includes the bathroom.  In fact, it is one of the more popular places in the house to remodel, apart from the kitchen.

When designing your bathroom, your choice of materials and colors will be paramount in creating the mood or look you are after.  Using colors in the ‘cool’ spectrum – blues, light greens, creams – will help to set the stage for a more tranquil or spa-like atmosphere.  This is true of materials as well.  The choice of natural or synthetic materials will guide the ambiance of your bathroom space.  Woods, stones and earthen material will reflect a more serene room.  The use of glass, cement, bold plastics and other man-made elements will give your space a more modern feel and flavor.  The right mix of these can help your space remain contemporary with a modern flair.

The bathroom tile and any rugs or curtains are going to be part of your overall design as well.  They don’t necessarily have to match, but keeping within the theme is important to maintain the seamless look you are seeking.  Bathrooms look the best when everything flows in such a way that the space appears larger than it is.  Think of the design incorporating the element of water which is a big part of this space.

Bathroom Budget

Once you’ve got the design elements and features figured out – you can move forward or come up with creative ways to get the look you want with alternative materials.  This is one area where your budget can be quickly dissolved if you’re not careful.  Remain steadfast in your efforts to stay within your budget.

Depending on your area, a new bathroom design and remodel, with a new shower, counters, sink, tub/shower, lighting and all the rest can run in the neighborhood of $8,000-15,000 USD.  This is for  an average size bathroom.  You can also get the job done for $3,000-6,000 USD if you do some of the labor yourself or find creative solutions to some of your design ideas.  For simple bathroom vanity changes or a new coat of paint and some lighting, you can get a new look for about $1,500 USD.  From here, it’s just a matter of the scope and scale of your new bathroom remodeling project and you can get your new bathroom soon!

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