How To Install a Washer Dryer Combo

A washer dryer combo will probably be one of the first appliances you will need when moving into a new house or apartment. They are easy to find in most department stores but are even easier to install.

Initially, do some research and do not rush into buying your first appliance. If you are not careful you could find yourself paying top dollar for a top of the range model which may be more than you need. If you are on a strict budget it is possible to find refurbished machines which will easily fit the bill. Most refurbished appliances nowadays come with warranties from the engineer and are often as good as new.

After buying your washer dryer you will now need to install it. Initially, you need to decide where it is going to go. It needs to be somewhere with two water hose connections and a drainage outlet. The kitchen or laundry is the most common place. Position the washer next to these connections and now connect the hoses. One of the hoses will have a red marking or connector on it which should be connected to the washer hose with the red marking on it also. This is the hot water supply.

Next find the hose with the blue marking and again connect to the machine hose with the same blue marking. This is the cold water supply. I would not advise mixing these up otherwise you may end up with incorrect temperature washes with colors running.

The water has to drain out somewhere, so now we need to connect up the drain hose. Simply find the hose with no connector on the end. Place this particular hose into the drainage hole in the wall which is usually near the other two hose connections. This will allow all the water to drain away into the drainage system. The next step is a little tricky and that is to balance it. Most machines have a self balancing mechanism. To set it pull the washer towards you at about thirty degrees and then let it go. When it hits the floor it will adjust itself. Make sure you read the instructions beforehand to check.

That takes care of the washing aspect, so now we need to look at the dryer. There is often a hole in the floor, three to five inches in diameter which is the vent hole. Form a hardware store buy a hose that will connect the vent outlet on the machine to this hole in the floor and connect the two. Next plug in the dryer power cord and you are all set to go.

Overall, buying a washer dryer machine is not too difficult, especially if you can get a good deal on a refurbished model. Installing them only takes a few minutes and is something you can easily do yourself.

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