How to Purchase Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular blinds are something that are gaining popularity due to their sleek design as well as safety features. Traditional window blinds have hanging cords that can impose a safety hazard to your family as the strings might entangle and choke your children. In contrast, cordless cellular blinds use a spring mechanism and does away with the cords entirely.  If you are thinking about buying cellular blinds, here are some things that you should consider before putting up the cash.

The first thing you should do is to measure your window frames so that you will get the right size for your cellular blinds. Make sure that you buy a size that is slightly larger than your window frame so that there is sufficient space to install the brackets and mounts.

When buying the blinds, you have a choice in terms of how strong you want your insulation to be. Cordless cellular shades are known for their insulation capability. This unique benefit is due to their cellular structure which traps layers of air between the cells to form the insulation layers. The more cells you have, the stronger the insulation will be. So, if you are living in places with seasonal changes, it is better to get the triple cellular shades which offer the strongest type of insulation.

You shouldn’t confuse this type of insulation with light blockage or diffusion.  These types of blinds will not give you the same light protection as blackout blinds, but then again, that is not their intended function.  In fact, cellular shades give you  a nice diffuse light in your space.

If you are buying more than one blind, it is advisable to purchase them at the same time. This not only can potentially entitle you to bulk discounts and free shipping, but it also means that your windows shades will have the same designs and styles. If you purchased the blinds at separate times, there is a chance that your previously purchased design will be out of stock and you will be forced to buy another model. Doing so will mean that your window shades throughout the room will be inconsistent and nonuniform and might disrupt your entire home decor.  This is the problem with buying cheap window blinds, especially from discounted websites without a strong reputation.

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