How to Redesign Your Bedroom in Just One Day

As busy as we are, we also want to spend some time sprucing up our living spaces. Our bedrooms, in particular, are among the most neglected area of the house as we come and go without even thinking about the effects of the bedroom to our daily rest and routines. Why not revamp the bedroom design in just one day? We can spend our day off making our bedrooms beautiful and relaxing. This way, we become more productive at work after a good night’s rest. bedroom designs

Let’s get started!

  • Organize. For most of us, keeping our bedroom tidy is the last thing on our minds as we go about our daily tasks in a hurry. Just see how much effect a tidy and organized bedroom will have on the design. It is amazing how much clutter we accumulate in the bedroom, so it’s time to eliminate these things, throw out the trash, store out of season clothes in the attic and place everything in its own place.


  • Change the bedding. The bed is the single largest furniture in the bedroom. By changing the sheets, pillow cases and the throw, you can instantly see a change in the look of the bedroom. Choose the bedding that will have an accent color or design to match the decor of the bedroom. This way, you create a more solid look to the bedroom and a relaxing feel.
  • Rearrange furniture. A few changes in the position of the furniture will create a different layout, promoting changes in the way you do things as well introducing you to a new view. If you have an amazing view of the outside, make sure that the furniture does not obstruct the area for viewing conveniently. Also, rearranging furniture to provide better access to areas and things you frequently use should help you conserve energy, particularly after a long day at work.
  • Layer window treatments. A simple blackout blind may not create a desired effect for you, or maybe a heavy curtain obstructs natural light and prevents you from getting a good view of the beautiful scenery outside. By layering, you can choose to have privacy when needed and have a good view through the window whenever you want. You can choose to layer soft sheer curtains over a roller blind to serve their purpose yet boost the design of the bedroom.
  • Decorate. Whether you buy new decor or borrow some from the other rooms, your bedroom design will definitely benefit from lovely decor. Always take stock of the theme for the bedroom or even the color scheme to identify the types of decor to place in the bedroom.

Even though, these bedroom designs are inspired from overseas, the concepts are very translatable here. You will find bedroom makeovers that you can achieve in just one day. All it takes is a little creativity and practicality. Also, a bedroom redesign does not have to involve spending, so take stock of what you have and use them. Just follow the above steps to create a whole new bedroom design to suit your needs.

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