How to Remove Stains on Red Velvet Curtains

Velvet is indeed one of the most luxurious curtain fabrics. In particular, red velvet curtains are widely used in many commercial establishments, particularly in theaters and high-end hotels. However, an increasing number of residential homes are now implementing the use of this elegant window treatment to create a more appealing interior. Though curtains made from velvet are excellent in almost all aspects, one major drawback of having these curtains is that they are prone to staining. When not maintained properly, the stain can ruin the nap of the material, thus, eventually damaging the beautiful look of this head-turning curtain panel window treatment.

To effectively remove the stain on your red velvet window curtain and keep it looking fabulous for a long time, follow these simple steps:

Using a damp, clean cloth gently remove the stains on the curtain. Wet the cloth with warm water and carefully rubbed it on the stained area using a downward motion. Never rub a velvet fabric too hard as this can damage the material’s nap. Rub the damp cloth on the stained area for about two to three times. Next, get a paper towel and dab it unto the red velvet drape to effectively remove excess water. If the stain is not yet removed, repeat these steps until you successfully eliminate it. This procedure is only applicable when removing small stains.

When dealing with larger stains, it is highly advised that you bring the curtain to a professional dry cleaner. A small stain is already quite challenging to remove, let alone a bigger one. Hence, having your curtain professionally dry cleaned is a better option. Be sure to bring it to a dry cleaner that specializes in washing red velvet window drapes. Remember that these professionals are more adept in handling varying types of stains on velvet fabrics.

If this stain is on your bedroom curtains, you probably will not be as concerned having others see it, but it should still be addressed.  Plus, it is probably much less common.  These types of materials are not often found used as children’s curtains, either.  Good luck, hopefully, you’ll find the information and tips presented here do the trick for your red velvet draperies.

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