How To Use A Closet Organizer

It doesn’t matter if your closet is a complete mess or you simply don’t have enough room for all your belongings a closet organizer is the solution in most cases. Closet organizers are home organizing tools that help keep your belongings in order by relocating them to a designated area. Say goodbye to all your clutter and last years bulky Winter clothes and learn now how to utilize a closet system to your benefit.


closet organizers

This closet organizer has a more elegant appearance and utilizes drawers, as well as shelves and hangers. Some incorporate specialty spaces for items like shoes, jewelry and ties.

The first step is to decide what kind of closet organization system you want and can afford. This will free up some room and allow you to assess the important problem areas such as shoes or accessories. Find an organizer that is right for you whether it’s cloth, wire, plastic or even a wood system.

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Assess your wardrobe and even completely take everything out of your closet to get an idea of what you have and what you can get rid of. You will be surprised at the amount of clothing you could and should donate to Goodwill. Keep similar items in a pile together so you can put them back together in a systematic way that makes finding them easier on you in the future.


Some closets organizers are easier to assemble than others. Cloth for instance merely hangs from a closet rod or hook most of the time while wire and wood closet systems have to be put together. The do it yourself closet organizers by companies like Rubbermaid and ClosetMaid are extremely handy and can be set up by one individual. Some companies will install closet systems for you upon purchase.


Once you have the organizer installed it is time to put your belongings back. Designate areas for certain items like you originally intended. For instance if you have a large shoe collection then a shoe organizer should be in your closet. Arrange shoes so that most used pairs are up front while the less used pairs are in back. Do the same for hanging and folded items. If you have pull out drawers or racks then insert items that go there like socks, undergarments and accessories.

Last but not least if you simply have no room for everything you own or need an extra place for storage look at getting a wardrobe closet. This can consist of cloth or wooden wardrobe cabinets. They are ideal for extra storage in spare bedrooms as well as your primary bedroom. They double as a decor piece and a great extra storage item for any room.

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