Ice Maker Choices For Entertaining

Ice makers are a great addition to the home of anyone who makes a habit of hosting large get-togethers.  As you may have experienced, a large party can require a lot of ice.  The standard American fridge freezer has a reasonable sized ice storage compartment in the freezer, but once this ice is gone it takes a long time for it to refill.

The great benefit of a specialized ice maker machine is that –if you purchase a large one – you have a large volume of ice on hand, plus the machine will produce more fairly rapidly when you start drawing down on the supply.

During a party a rapid recharge rate for ice can be a great blessing.  It can save you the embarrassment of having to tell your guest that there is no more ice for the drinks.  It also eliminates the need for a last minute rush to the local convenience store or supermarket to buy messy bagged ice.

When buying an ice cube maker you can choose either an indoor or outdoor model.  If you like to entertain in your back yard around the pool, you may want to incorporate an ice machine into your backyard kitchen.

For outdoor use be sure to purchase a quality ice maker designed to hold up to the forces of nature.  The unit should be sealed from the elements both for hygiene and safety reasons.  If you already have plumbing incorporate into your outdoor kitchen then an ice making machine is a natural addition to make.

If your entertaining is usually done indoors, then an interior ice maker may be more appropriate for your needs.  These units are a little cheaper as they do not need to be engineered as well at the outdoor models.

An indoor unit can either be a portable ice maker for the countertop, or an integrated unit that is installed beneath a counter.  The portable countertop ice makers need to be manually filled with water in order to create ice, but do provide the convenience of creating ice wherever you mad need it.  The under the counter units, being connected to your plumbing, do not need to be refilled with water – but are of course not easily moved.

Depending on when and where you entertain, you will be able to determine if an indoor or outdoor model best suits your need.  Do be sure to factor storage capacity – and the units’ rate of ice making – when selecting your ice maker.

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