Ideas For Showers Without Doors

If you are interested in fitting a walk in shower to your renovated bathroom, then you might need to explore some shower designs to figure out the best one suited for your space.  Not all bathrooms or showers are created equal.  Here are a couple of ideas that might help you make up you mind about what would be best for your home.

1. Rustic Tropical – this is a blend of two styles: the rustic stone walk in tile showers wetroom designs and the outdoor walk in showers found in the tropics. Select a large corner space. Use treated and waterproof hardwood for the upper areas of one feature wall and one wall that encloses the area where there is a stone floor with proper slanting and drainage. Now you have a space with one outer wall, hopefully it has a window, one back wall, accented

showers without doors

This plan shows the layout for a bathroom.

with wood on the upper area, and one side wall also wood halfway down. The front, at this point is open, but that is where you will build a rustic stone wall about 3 or 4 feet high, like a bar, and create a wide doorway into the space.

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Place the showerhead on the wall that faces away from the doorway, or slightly to the right or the left so the splash hits the 3 or 4 foot wall not the entryway. And that’s it! Hang planted pots from hooks above the half wall to give added privacy or leave it open. Keep it rustic stone and wood or sealed cement – no tile. Remember that some of the best ideas for showers without doors have come from tropical regions where poverty has made doors a luxury. Get inspired by Caribbean, Southeast Asian and South Pacific outdoor showers and bring it indoors.

2. Chic Country Club SPA – this sleek version of walk in tile showers wetroom concepts is about keeping it simple with white and elegant touches of modern chrome. Start with as large a space as you can afford to give your shower. Tile the entire wall space with glossy tiles in white or a light color with no pattern or motif. Use one or two sheets of glass anchored to the wall to separate the immediate shower area from the rest of the room. Tile the entire floor space with none skid tile, also with no motif.  Keep it plain and chic. All fixtures and showerheads should be chrome, modern designs. Attach mirror squares or rectangular or geometric shape mirrors to a feature wall. Add a sleek chrome shelf for white towels, a few chrome stools and you’re done.

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