Quick Guide To Ikea Curtain Poles

IKEA’s famous ascetic contemporary style is getting increasingly popular. IKEA curtain poles, for instance, come in handy in student dorms or studios when you want to personalize your limited living space. IKEA curtains and drapes, as well as IKEA curtain poles offer a wealth of tools to craft your style and create functionality.

IKEA curtain hardware has its distinct style thanks to the use of modern materials and technologies. These include a variety of metals (powder and epoxy coated), anodized plastics and natural wood. They offer traditional window treatment solutions, such as single- and double rod or string hardware, as well as anodized aluminum straight and curved rails. These curtain poles from IKEA work well in combination with IKEA curtains and drapes and help you bring wall-to-wall color in your room. By running curved rails on the ceiling you can easily create elegant partitions, making it multifunctional.  In this way, they can be used as room dividers.  Their light waterproof railings are equally good for a modern-style bathroom to handle a shower curtain.

IKEA has been traditionally oriented to do-it-yourself projects. IKEA curtain panels, poles and hardware are easy to install with the use of just basic tools. And, of course, their famous pictogram assembly manuals are included: you do not have to understand Swedish, or even be literate, to put IKEA stuff together. Good Luck!

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