The Importance of Bathroom Fans for Promoting Proper Ventilation

Are you curious why bathroom fans are so important? Many people believe that odor control is the main reason to have a fan in the bathroom.  These fans are not simply for odor, but act as exhaust fans that fill a critical role. These are key elements of the ventilation system in the home and work to maintain acceptable levels of moisture. These fans are more important with specific types of shower designs that create a lot of steam or excess moisture.  If you did not have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, you would run the risk of accumulating nasty smells, mold spores, and mildew which would potentially foster further destruction of tile, damage shower enclosures and cause tile and wallpaper issues.

It is not uncommon for people to keep their fans turned off because they are noisy and others seem to believe that the fan does not really do anything useful. Remaining unaware of the necessity of good ventilation while bathroom remodeling can lead to serious harm to your house, and in particular, to the wood contained therein.

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Luckily, a wide range of bathroom fan units are available, and a number of them run very quietly. It is easy to locate one that is inexpensive yet effective. Fans may come equipped with lights attached or without lights, and if lights are equipped, the fan turns on simultaneously with the light, and turns off once the light is switched off.

According to the Home Ventilation Institute, anyone with a small bathroom really only needs a single fan capable of airflow measuring one cubic foot per minute, for every one hundred square feet of space. Larger bathrooms ought to feature no less than two small exhaust fans, due to similar considerations. Those attempting to install a proper bathroom ventilation system need to keep the following things in mind. Cost should not be the only consideration as you shop for a solid exhaust system, as function and durability should also play a large role.

Should you need to purchase replacement fans for your bathroom, be mindful of the following points. Initially, you will need to figure out the size of the bathroom space in order to decide the number of fans needed. That determination can be made prior to your shopping trip. Next, you must determine whether you wish to purchase a less noisy fan. Anyone who has been reluctant to operate their fans because they are loud may solve that problem at this time. Third, keep in mind the potential for breezy drafts from the outside. The reason for this is that the majority of ventilation systems are incorporated into the overall ventilation system of the home, which is routed to the outside.

It will be important to select a vent that does not fall victim to drafts. Be certain that you have all necessary components prior to beginning work, and make sure that you have read and understand the installation directions. Faulty installation of a bathroom ventilation scheme can result in serious harm to a wide range of indoor surfaces and structures. Those who are unaware of proper installation techniques for a bathroom ventilation system should seek the advise of a professional.  Your bathroom design should surely include this invaluable, but often overlooked piece of equipment.

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