The Beauty Of Indoor Slate Water Fountains

Wall fountains are somewhat of a new thing.  They have only been around for the last 10 – 15 years.  You may have seen these fountains used in a dentist’s office, hotel lobby or even a restaurant but they are also available for home decor.  Ever since their introduction they have become a hugely popular item when it comes to interior decorating because they incorporate the natural beauty with the soothing flow of running water.

These wall mounted water fountains for the home traditionally have used slate as the surface for the water to flow down but they have also expanded to marble and mirrored surfaces types as well.  The slate is still the most popular because it has the widest array of color that especially pops out when the stone is wet.  Most of the manufacturers of these types of wall fountains get their slate from quarries in India and China and then ship the slate to the US for continued manufacturing.  The two main manufacturing companies are Adagio, located in Utah, and Bluworld which is in Florida.

There really are only three slate options to choose from.  The most popular slate option is the rajah multicolor stone which has a lot of earth tones like deep reds, yellows and browns.  This stone looks best in a traditional classical decor setting.  The other options are the green slate and the black slate.  The black is for the contemporary modern design and the green stone is the crossover which can be used in either setting.  The bottom and top panels are usually made of stainless steel or copper and the edges can be squared off or rounded depending on what you want.

These indoor water features truly are amazing!  They create a very peaceful ambiance with their natural beauty and running water.  There is nothing like sitting back and enjoying the quiet sounds of running water over the beautiful slate.  And with so many different sizes and styles to choose from it’s easy to find wall fountains that will fit your design needs.

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