Installing A Wardrobe Yourself: The DIY Wardrobe Closet

When it comes to installing a wardrobe into your bedroom you will have the option of either buying a built in wardrobe or a free standing wardrobe. If you are after the option that will give you more storage you will probably lean towards the built in solution. The trade off is that once it has been installed into the bedroom you will be unable to take it with you if you ever move house. Alternatively the free standing wardrobe gives you a piece of furniture that could potentially be a feature piece in the bedroom but it is likely that you will have less storage space than other types of wardrobes.

If you want to save yourself some money and you are handy, you should have little problem dealing with a DIY wardrobe installation. When you buy a built in wardrobe it comes already cut to size with all of the necessary accessories supplied. It should just be a matter of installing the tracks and sliding door returns in the correct spot to ensure the wardrobe operates smoothly.

The difficult part of your bedroom wardrobe designs layout will already have been taken care of before the wardrobe pieces have been delivered, so your installation process should consist of placing shelves and hanging rods in the correct locations.

It’s a similar situation with a new free standing wardrobe. These days most of the furniture we buy comes in a flat pack configuration. This means that the pieces have been cut to size with necessary guide holes pre-drilled. To build a DIY wardrobe it’s usually a simple matter of picking up a screwdriver or perhaps an Allen key and screwing all the pieces together.

The main reason for doing the wardrobe closet construction yourself is usually as a means to save some money on the purchase price. However some stores don’t supply installation and you will have no option but to do the construction yourself.

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