Installing New Vinyl Replacement Windows

Once you decide to get vinyl replacement windows and get a quote from the contractor of your choice, you should determine if the cost is well worth it. You’ll recover a lot of the cost of new windows through savings associated with greater energy efficiency.  This may take some time, but the energy savings and increased comfort within your home are well worth it. Homes where uPVC double glazing and other energy efficient features were added saw significant changes in efficiency and interior home temperatures.

Many homeowners find themselves at a loss when finally faced with the actual budget to spend on replacing their windows – they can be quite expensive as an upfront cost. It is true that vinyl windows are affordable and are even the cheapest in the market compared to wood and aluminum windows. However, labor costs continue to increase over the years and with the state of one’s personal budget or economy, many homeowners find it a hard choice to move ahead with the high costs of installation.

However, expensive labor cost is not a problem anymore since vinyl replacement windows are lightweight and easier to install than their counterparts. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts would love the challenge of installing their own windows. Nonetheless, ordinary homeowners need not scare away from this project. Although at first it is daunting to think of installing your own windows, it is actually easy with the right information, a good set of instructions and the right tools, you will be able to install the vinyl replacement windows with not much trouble.  For it to be a success – and a quality installation – heed the following advice.

The following is a simple step-by-step instruction involved in the installation process:

  •   Take accurate measurements.
  • Remove the old window carefully and then gently take out the trim and upper and lower stops.
  • Make sure that the new replacement window fits snugly on all sides with quarter-inch gap to allow for adjustment.
  • Install the window from the outside in, steering it in place. Keep guiding the window until the flashing is flush to the frame.
  • To secure the flashing, nail it around the outside of the window.
  • Once the window is securely in place, put shims wherever necessary to keep the vinyl window vertically and horizontally level. Then, glue or nail the shims in place.
  • Using screws or nails, fix the window in place. Tighten the screw in just the right degree to avoid warping the frame.
  • Insulate the gaps between the windows and frame to avoid leaks.
  • Test the window by opening and closing to ensure that it works properly.
  • Seal with caulking around the exterior gap between the vinyl replacement window and its opening.

These simple steps should be easy enough for all beginners in the DIY phase of installing vinyl replacement windows. With the proper tools, knowledge and instructions, you will be able to install your new windows successfully. Since vinyl windows are lightweight, it makes the job a bit easier. Better yet, ask the help of a friend or family member to improve speed and precision in installing the high performance windows.

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