What Makes For A Nice Jewelry Armoire?

There are a ton of different armoires on the market, and even when it gets narrowed down specifically to armoires made for jewelry, you still find there are many different styles and designs available. What kind of features and designs make for the best type of jewelry armoire?

While in some sense it is a matter of opinion, there are some features that are definitely very nice to have and I think any woman who wants to properly store her jewelry collection in such a solid wood armoire would agree: these features are nice to have. Let’s discuss what those features typically are!

First off, having a jewelry armoire that mounts to the wall is great. It takes up no floor space while utilizing space from the wall that otherwise could never be used for anything but perhaps holding a painting! Now generally once you get into wall mounted jewelry armoires, you’ll find it’s doubled with another feature, and that’s the ability to actually lock the unit up. I think this has more to do with simply securing the jewelry from accidentally falling out more so than any idea that it provides real protection from theft. The wall mounted locking jewelry armoire is, in my opinion, better than a stand alone armoire that rests on the floor.

Next, when assessing how nice an armoire is, a critical detail is to look at the type of wood its made of. Now any respectable armoire is going to be made of solid wood – it’s nearly a given when it comes to armoires, whether it be a wardrobe closet or corner armoire – but the type of wood is also important too. Jewelry armoires are commonly made in either oak or mahogany wood – either of which looks classy and adds to the price! If I had to choose though, I’d go for the mahogany jewelry armoire personally.

Lastly, having a full length mirror as part of the design of the armoire is one of the nicest features to have. The stand alone armoire usually has a small mirror that comes from the top of the unit, but the wall mounted armoires are designed with a mirror that runs the full length of the armoire.  These types of armoires are similar, but in a smaller form, to wardrobe closets in this respect.  Both come with nice rich wood and craft details and some have mirrors on the fronts of them to be able to see yourself as you dress.

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