Kitchen Accent Rugs

There are numerous ways to include an assortment of rugs into your kitchen design. If your kitchen has a door leading to the outside, this door probably receives a lot of use. This is a very practical place to put a rug. You want to make sure the rug is washable due to the amount of traffic it will endure. It should also have a non-slip back to it for safety purposes.

Kitchen accent rugs can be included as part of your decor both for appearance and functionality. A decorative rug placed at your stove or sink can be an indicator of your choice of theme. Flora rugs, fruit or vegetable designs, or farm scenes, especially farm animals are very typical rug designs in a kitchen. When selecting rugs to place at your sink or stove, you will want to purchase ones that are washable and stain resistant. Comfort is also important. There are many decorative, cushioned rugs that can be incorporated into a kitchen design.

If your home is designed so that the kitchen and dining area in one room, you can use a rug to help separate this space. Placing a small accent rug under a breakfast table helps define that space. If you have a bar or island or in your kitchen that also serves as an eating area, a rectangular rug placed under the bar stools is an effective way of giving this space its own identity.

Many kitchen remodeling projects are expensive. Redecorating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a budget breaker. Just by investing in a few rugs of various sizes to add to your kitchen decor can completely change the appearance of the room. You can easily find an affordable variety of rugs with a holiday or seasonal theme to decorate your kitchen.

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