Living Without Kitchen Curtains

It is easy to do. You spend good money on your kitchen remodeling project. Funds are tight and you never get around to the little finishing touches such as kitchen curtains that you mean to do something about. Months go by and you get used to the bare windows and then, somehow, it seems foolish to go spending money on curtains that you never notice are not there.

Maybe it would be different if your kitchen was overlooked, but you have a perfectly nice view of your back yard and no one can see into your kitchen. So you don’t need anything at the windows for privacy. And perhaps you enjoy the extra light which floods into the windows unimpeded by blinds or curtains.

That may be so. But you are missing a great opportunity to help set the style and color scheme of your kitchen if you have not bothered to put up anything at the windows.

For example, if you have decided on a country kitchen theme, you will be surprised at how much gingham, farmyard, fruit or other country kitchen curtains add to the overall ambiance. Country kitchens are meant to be homely not to have bare windows.

Even if you kitchen is more contemporary, you can add a beautiful yet simple tab top kitchen curtain to fit in with the simple, yet stylish theme of your kitchen and enhance the picture you create.

And if you have a neutral kitchen of no particular style, curtains can do so much to help give your kitchen the style and color scheme it so desperately needs to lift it out of the ordinary. In fact, curtains can be the basis for your whole decorating scheme if you take the color or colors used in the curtains and repeat them in other elements in your kitchen such as matching enamelware, china or kitchen towels.

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