Decorating Your Kitchen With A French Cafe Swivel Stool And Other Funky Stools

If you’ve strolled along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris and stopped to sip a café au lait, then you probably know exactly what an authentic French cafe swivel stool is like. If you haven’t you may be surprised to learn that Parisian cafes traditionally use small rattan swivel bistro stools that are rather simple and not large wrought iron or wooden stools with decorative arms and legs. A true French cafe swivel stool is between 24 inches and 32 inches in height and has no back, no arms, just a basic rattan frame with three or four legs and a woven natural seat. The seat swivels, but is not adjustable. The stools are very basic.

Where To Buy A Genuine French Cafe Swivel Stool

If you want a genuine antique you will need to shop at antique French furniture shops, but if you would like a replica of an authentic design, then you can shop for these funky stools at places like TK Collections, which is an online shop that has a few real bistro stools in the old design.

If you want something a little different, you can also get replicas of the metal versions from the 1920’s French cafe stools from a place called Up River Home.

Another place that has funky stools and some unique replicas of French café stools is Seating Products.

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Other Funky Stools

If you’re not stuck on having a replica of a French retro style in wicker, but would like a stool that’s funky metal and is made specifically for French cafes, then try the Cerruti Baleri Café Chair and barstool collection. Some of the Cerruti Baleri pieces are designed by a famous French furniture designer who creates the stools for the likes of the Café Costes in Paris and also crafts ready made styles for the Italian Baleri furniture house.

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