Kitchen Remodeling Plans

When setting out on some kitchen remodeling plans, you’ll have a lot of choices to make.  Some remodels are more for appearances; cabinet refacing, new appliances, etc.  Then, others are more like complete remodel jobs – counters, flooring, kitchen lighting, and appliances right down to the finest details.  While it isn’t necessarily a small detail, choosing range hoods to match your kitchen design plans is a crucial decision.

The modern home is definitely a combination of form and function.  The functional aspect of a kitchen space can be best exemplified in a commercial kitchen.  There, you will find little in the way of touches that are for appearance reasons only.  The commercial kitchen is all about performance.  You will often find stainless steel appliances because they just offer the best in the way of performance and durability.  In homes where people pride themselves on cooking, there are more and more stainless appliances showing up.  However, too much metal can make your kitchen feel too ‘commercial’ and less like home.

One option to remedy this situation is to opt for warmer colors and material choices in the kitchen.  There are other metal choices from copper to brass that could be utilized to help warm up the kitchen, while still providing the ease and functional aspect that metal offers.  You might also choose to have more wood in your kitchen.  From warm cabinet tones to even applying wood facing to your appliances, you can make your kitchen feel more inviting.  You can also extend this warmth into your flooring.

A great choice for that is bamboo flooring that is known to be quite durable and can also add to the modern home’s appeal.  It is very long-lasting and now comes in a variety of shades off of the typical light tan, natural color of bamboo.  If you have pets, then bamboo is a good choice as well.  Another flooring choice is good old oak hardwood flooring.  This one will probably never go out of style.  While trends come and go, the warmth, durability and appeal of an oak floor is probably always going to be a part of any flooring discussion.  There are also more inexpensive laminated flooring choices.  While these are probably better suited for a bedroom or other living space, they can provide another option for the kitchen.

All in all, the kitchen will be one of the most used places in your home.  It is certainly where everyone will gather when you are entertaining or having guests over.  It is just one of those places that tends to be the get-together location.  This might have something to do with where the food is, of course.  So, whether or not you are doing a complete remodel or just making your kitchen space look or feel more modern, you have a lot of places to make improvements.

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