Kitchen Tile Ideas: Tips To Help You Design Your Own Unique Kitchen

When you need to design your own kitchen, there are a few things to consider. Always keep it in mind that the kitchen is not only the place where the food is prepared and consumed,  it also doubles up as a space where you perform many another small functions throughout the day.  For this reason, keeping proper kitchen tile ideas in mind will help you get both function and aesthetics from your new design.  It also serves as a good gathering space. Whether you want to design a brand-new kitchen or just want to remodel the existing one, you should take utmost care to make good use of the space available.

First consider whether it is a small or a big kitchen you are going to design, this will help you with planning your kitchen appliances. If it is a small one, firstly you should

This mosaic in the kitchen created a special focal point.

know about the arrangement of the kitchen triangle, by which we mean the space between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator.  Make sure there is enough space to move about in that region.

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As for the sink, always avoid the double sink. It takes greater space and looks clumsy, too. Instead install a single sink with a sprayer attachment and a garbage disposal. Next, do not go for the bulky side-by-side fridges and settle for a long, sleek and if necessary, a double-door one.

Tiles can be used to create the look of a kitchen accent rug without the problem of it moving around on you.  You should never use dark colors for your kitchen as that can create a feeling of claustrophobia. Always go for light-colored paints, cabinets and granite counter-tops are still popular, durable and can be used in a variety of designs.  You may also wish to add some unique kitchen wall decor items that can give your space a little more personality.

As for lights, under-cabinet lights are best for the chefs to work in. They do not create any unwanted shadows that may hamper the cooking work. Similarly, do not go for a highly stylistic chiaroscuro lighting set-up. You need to design unique kitchens, but not at the expense of hampering its functionality.  Photo credit

Here's a vibrant tile backsplash in a small kitchen design.

There are other ideas concerning the use of tiles and this is with backsplash ideas.  It is more common to think about flooring when tiles are mentioned, but the backsplash is another great place to add some personality or style to your space.

Another think to take good note of is that if you are revamping a smaller kitchen, never go for small tiles. Your normal kitchen tile ideas may prompt you to do so, but ignore your intuition for once because with larger tiles, the small space will seem larger. These are just a few of the essential kitchen design ideas and hope they come to your help.

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