Laundry Room Organization: Keeping Your Sanity In Order

Of all the chores that I do in the house, I really hate doing the laundry. It takes a lot of effort and consumes too much of my time. But since I really don’t have a choice and I need to wash my own clothes, I kept doing it anyway and over time, discovered some good laundry room organization tips, which really reduced my time with the laundry.

Put everything in their proper places

As with any kind of work that we do, putting things in their proper order and keeping it that way makes it easier for us to finish our tasks. This is just as true in the laundry room as it is with closets or home offices.  Having specific places in your laundry room where you can separate your dirty and clean clothes, a specific container for soap and fabric conditioners, and a specific cabinet for hangers and other materials

used for your laundry will ensure that you can get the things that you want easily without having to rummage through a laundry room that you did not organize.

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Colored or Black-and-White

Having separate baskets for your colored shirts and black-and-white shirts is an easy way to keep your laundry room in order. Two separate baskets in your laundry room allows for easy segregation of your clothes as you can just easily put your dirty white t-shirt or colored shirt into their specific basket and when washing time comes, you can just easily get the basket and put the clothes in the washing machine. Compare that to having to sort out a big pile of clothes just to separate your colored clothes from your white ones.

The Right Equipment Can Make The Job Easier

Having the right tools for the job will save you time and effort, and also keeps your laundry room organized. Investing in a big hamper ensures that your laundry will not be all over the floor. An ironing board that can be adjusted to a comfortable height will reduce stress in your body. A lot of cabinets and shelf space in your laundry room will make organizing and storing your laundry an easy task.

Keeping the laundry room clean and organized can prove to be very difficult. But putting extra effort into laundry room organization will certainly make your laundry room look better, bringing you one step closer to an organized home, and could also reduce your time spent doing the laundry.

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