Leather Chesterfield Sofas Are the Cream of the Crop

Leather sofas are available today in many different styles and colors. If it is made from genuine leather, then it will be more expensive compared to other sofas. On the other hand leather is a very durable material, which means that with proper upkeep it can last for generations. Leather sofas are considered as luxury items.  They are versatile accessories that can add style to just about any room.

Out of the different color sofas available on the market today, perhaps the most popular are classic black, brown or tan colored sofas. The leather Chesterfield sofa is perhaps the best known leather sofa available today. The classic style from Chesterfield will typically have curved arms as high as the back rest. Only high quality English leather is used to make these sofas. The cushions will typically be deep and plush, providing a very comfortable feel when sitting on them.

Chesterfield is an old sofa making company. They have literally been around for hundreds of years and have always used the highest quality materials to make their sofas. The story goes, the fourth earl of Chesterfield had requested a carpenter to make a sofa that was both comfortable to sit in, as well as improve the posture of the person who is sitting on it. This way, the person would look “proper” while sitting on the sofa. Perhaps this is why Chesterfield products became synonymous with wealthy and aristocratic houses.

In short, the leather chesterfield sofa has a highly distinguished and royal history behind it. The leather covers and design have a distinct aristocratic look about them. However over time, the company realized that it had to make it more affordable, hence they brought the price down. Nowadays a sofa made by Chesterfield can be purchased by just about anyone. The thing to remember here is that there are many imitation sofas on the market today. This is why it is important to ask a few questions before you commit to one.

Before buying a sofa, ask what type of leather it is made from. If it is Demic style then chances are the quality will be inferior. Chesterfield products are made with aniline style, which is a superior form of material and craftsmanship. Basically a Demic sofa will be made out of a patchwork of lower quality leather; where as aniline will be one large piece of superior leather, making it much more durable.

Many sofas, including the leather corner sofa, will not have good padding, which means the person sitting will feel the edges. It should not be like this. Another indication of a good sofa is polished nails. Chesterfield sofas have polished nails, giving it a long lasting nice look. Cheap imitation sofas will just apply some glue to the nail heads.

Chesterfield sofas are the cream of the crop which means even the cheapest ones will be more expensive compared to other sofas on the market today. But the way to look at it is that, you will be getting what you pay for, if not more so. These sofas can be seen as family heirlooms that can be passed from one generation to the next.

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