The Leather Ottoman Bed

A leather ottoman bed can be a practical space saving solution. If you need to accommodate a guest and have a small home, then this is a great solution. This small bedding solution uses thoughtful design to give the homeowner multiple uses out of a singular piece of furniture. When you need your spare room for use as an office or exercise room, all you need to do is fold up the leather ottoman bed. Now the bed is condensed into a small seat for one or two people. The rest of the room can be used for other purposes.

This furniture piece is portable too. Move it to other rooms that may suit your purposes best. Look for models with spring loaded wheels for rolling. This is a great feature. The wheels operate when not being used. As soon as weight is applied to the seating surface the springs collapse, keeping the rubber leg pads in contact with the floor. Different sizes are available and it can be made from either solid woods or laminates.

Twin mattresses are the norm and a typical size is 73 inches long by 27 inches wide by 17 inches tall. Some beds are made with springs to give a more comfortable rest, while others are made from a variety of foams for those that want a firmer feel. Look for models that come with a thicker mattress. This can add substantial comfort for the guest. Some leather ottoman bed models utilize the lid as a headboard and this feature adds a bit of elegance to the Bohemian accommodations. Some models include a mattress cover that can be removed for cleaning. This is a good design to maintain the mattress appearance and longevity.

Concerning longevity, ottoman beds usually have a weight limit on the leaner side. It is not uncommon to see weight limits of 250 pounds.  This is just one way that your ottoman can be damaged.  Another way is through wear or stains.  You can protect yourself from this issue by using an ottoman slipcover that fits right over the unit itself.  It acts much like a cover on a futon.  Both of these covers are fashionable ways to protect the mattress or bed beneath them.

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