Inject Life Into A Drab Room With A Sunburst Mirror

If you’re planning to redecorate your room and you want to create a stunning focal point then, you could do no better than using a sunburst mirror. This style of mirror has got to be one of the most beautiful and uniquely designed mirrors that you will ever cast your eyes on. Although you can choose from an array of modern and contemporary mirrors the sunburst has endured the test of time in terms

Among the items seen here, you can see that sunburst mirror on the wall.

of luxury and elegance.

The sunburst mirror is far from being a modern piece of decorative furniture as it has adorned the walls of many of Europe’s finest classical buildings for over 300 years. The original design was the inspiration of the King Louis XIV of France. The king was also referred to as the Sun King as it was believed the King of France had possession of everything including the sun. As its name suggests the sunburst design incorporated a circular concave mirror which represented the sun and this was encapsulated with a frame that mimicked the long protruding sun rays.

Recently this unique and elegant design has come back into vogue with an extensive array of traditional and contemporary styles to choose from. The original style comes in bright gold which obviously represents the warmth of the sun. However, you can also buy the sunburst design in silver, wood and even with reflective glass which looks spectacular on the wall.  There are small or large mirrors that you can use in your space, too.

If you are more of the creative type you can make your own sunburst mirror and it is not as hard as you think. All you need is few basic materials that include a small circular concave mirror, a bag of bamboo skewers and a tube of strong adhesive glue. All you have to do is place the mirror with the reflective side face down. Begin to glue different lengths of bamboo skewers around the circumference of the mirrors edge. Once you have achieved this you can add your own personal touches. Many people like to spray it gold or you can glue on miniature sized round mirrors on the skewers to give it a really spectacular look.

French designs still make their way into home decor and design in a variety of ways.  You can appreciate this in various forms of furniture pieces for the bedroom and living room spaces.  Just as one example, the dressing table mirror can be quite ornate, giving a nod to the more decorated styling of the French.  Then, there are other mirrored furniture pieces, like dressers and end tables that derive their overall form from this period as well.

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