The Luxuries Of Hotel Collection Bedding

It is fairly common knowledge that a proper mattress is important for a good night’s sleep.  But, what is sometimes not given its due consideration is the bedding. In order to achieve one’s full potential, proper rest is essential.  And to get proper rest, high quality bedding is key. In recent years, hotel collection bedding has skyrocketed in popularity, leading multiple brands to offer hotel collection ‘bed in a bag’ items for sale. Hotel collections offer luxurious comfort in a complete package.  Now, you can take your hotel sleeping experience home with you!

Hotel collection bedding sales rose when hotels caught on to the importance of giving their guests a comfortable stay…oh, and the ability to make a tidy profit in the process.  Luxurious hotel bedding became one of the lures hotels use to attract new guests and optimize repeat business. In reaction to this new way of thinking,

hotel collection bedding

Ever dream about sleeping on that luxurious hotel bedding when you're away from home? Well, now you can have it at home, too!

bedding manufacturers began to bring out hotel collection frame bedding.

You may have also seen the Heavenly Bed from the Westin chain of hotels or the W bed and its Pocketed Coil® technology put out by the W Hotel chain.  These are just two luxury hotels using their brand to offer more options of keeping them on your mind at home, as well as maintaining you as a loyal customer and patron – all while enhancing their bottom line.  It’s becoming more common.

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Experts say, this bedding in king is similar to the bedding in many homes. That means pillows, mattress pads, bedspreads, and sheets are included. However, the most important factor is the comfort of this upscale bedding.

One of the most important features of a hotel bedding collection is the thread count. Thread count is the number of threads found per square inch. In general, the higher the thread count, the higher quality the fabric. The reason is that dense threads make for a better texture and a more luxurious feel.

The hotel collection bed in a bag ‘kit’ can be found in many department stores and retail locations. The target market for these sets is the individual looking to experience a more luxurious night’s sleep. There are also hotels who provide bedding for sale to those guests who are interested.

Because of the enormous benefits of luxury bedding, these bags are usually sold at a premium price, which is typically determined by the quality of the fabric. The average cost of hotel bedding is between $500. and $1,000 USD. It is important to remember the difference that quality rest makes in one’s life is immeasurable. One way to enhance your overall sleeping experience and comfort level is with these type of hotel bedding bags. So although the price may seem high, remember the rewards of a great night’s sleep.

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