Luxury Bedding Will Give You A Better Night’s Sleep

The most important feature of any type of bedroom decor is its comfort.  The bedroom, above all other spaces, is a place to call your sanctuary.  Part of how you create this is by having your artwork and lighting be such that it creates a place of solace for you.  But, above these things is luxury bedding.  Nothing will get your room or mood right as well as a great night’s sleep.  And, nothing will do this as good as having luxurious sheets, a great duvet, pillows and other bedding.  Well, there are some other things, but we’ll keep this article G-rated.

As we’ve mentioned, there are other ways of creating a tranquil setting in the bedroom,  too.  One of these ways is by using artwork that is tastefully done and represents your favorite places or settings.  When you get ready to rest your head at night, the last thing you want to look at or hear is loud or obnoxious images or sounds.

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This is why it is really disturbing to listen to the news late at night.  We all know that it is filled with nothing but trauma and tragedy, you know the whole ‘if it bleeds it leads’ phenomenon.  Watching television is probably the least restful thing you can do just before you close your eyes.  You can watch a movie or some performance, again, something peaceful or soothing to the mind.  If you plan on watching a murder mystery or something that is going to keep your mind active, it might be best to pass on that one and focus on the wall art.

Lighting is another key component to creating a restful and tranquil environment.  Now, this doesn’t mean that your bedroom should always be tranquil.  Again, we’ll keep the G-rating here, but the bedroom is also for passion.  The key is to keep a nice balance.  If your space is overly red and purple or bright colors and fabrics, then you will find it harder to enjoy the tranquil aspect.  Similarly, if your space is all muted tones, with no accent colors and low lighting, then you will find it more restful than playful, if you get the gist.  Lighting is key in this regard.  Softer or indirect lighting will go a long way toward helping your bedroom mood.  You can also get dimmers installed that will allow you to get brighter light during the day or dimmer light for the tranquil or passionate times.

Now, back to that bedding, the all important feature of the bedroom.  You may or may not be familiar with the way that some higher end luxury hotel brands have been selling their own brand of beds and sheets.  In fact, hotel bedding and mattress sales are among some of the ways that these hotels reap greater profits and keep you a loyal customer of their hotels.  They offer you this luxury as a way of pampering you and it works!

By luxury, we would mean something that has a nicer hand or feel to it.  Typically, the gold standard for luxurious bedding is made with Egyptian cotton. What makes this type of cotton so much finer is that the grain of the cotton is longer and is really only grown in a specific region along the Nile.  There are knock-offs, of course, but this is where the true cotton comes from.  If you combine this cotton with a high thread count, now you are talking about a really luxurious feeling on your skin.  The more threads per square inch, the higher the thread count.  This higher thread count is what gives the cotton a softer feel.   It can almost feel satin-like.

Speaking of which, satin and silk sheets also make for a luxurious setting.  They are a bit harder to care for than cotton, so if you plan to use them nightly, then cotton sheets are the way to go.  Flannel sheets are often a luxury in the cooler months as well.  Enjoy your restful sleep on your luxury bedding.

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