Luxury in the Bedroom – Goose Down Pillows

Nothing quite says luxury in the bedroom like a great set of goose down pillows. Modern, high-quality down pillows have garnered a much deserved reputation as “the,” must have item for a good-nights sleep. But did you know this wasn’t always so? Up until recently, these pillows were plagued with so many problems, you’d think twice before letting your loafing brother-in-law use them.

One of the areas where goose down pillows have greatly improved is in head support. While down has long been used in pillows, it found new fans among the ultra-lite backpacking crowd because of its ability to compress into a really small space. While that’s great for them, it doesn’t look promising if we’re looking for great head support. Modern pillows employ a, pillow in a pillow design, that fixes this issue. An inner pillow containing considerable firmer goose feathers, is then surrounded by an outer pillow stuffed with goose down.

Compressibility isn’t the only reason those backpackers love down so much either. It also retains heat remarkably well. If you like a cool pillow, then add another minus point for goose down or at least for those older pillows. Newer goose down covers however have come along way towards keeping your head and neck cool while you sleep. And speaking of covers, remember how over time, the quills of the down feathers would manage to poke their way through the cover leading to a scratchy pillow as well as a loss of feathers over time. That same cover that keeps you cool has been toughened up a bit with a tighter weave to prevent those feathers from making a run for the border and scratching your face in the process.

Goose down pillows have improved quite a bit from the ones I grew up with from visits with my grandmother. And with feather pillows made with the feathers from Hungarian geese, even allergy sufferers can find a luxurious pillow to adorn their bed. To make a long story short, goose down is so comfortable, it’s usurped the previous comfort king, a buckwheat hull pillow on my bed.

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