Magazine Holders vs. Magazine Racks

If you are like most, several magazines fill your mail box every month. What do you do with them until you have time

A simple, yet effective magazine rack to help organize your space.

to look at it, and what do you do with them afterward? For the well organized person, the progression is mail box to magazine rack to recycle / magazine holder. Here is how it works.

You get the mail from the mail box. Just inside the door of your abode sites a waste basket, a magazine rack and a narrow console table or something of that nature.  Each piece of mail is sorted into one of the following: the recycle/trash, the magazine rack for reading, the in-box for for action required. The magazine rack waits there until you have few minutes to look through one. Carry your magazines to your most comfortable leather armchair, and work through as many as time allows. As you finish each magazine, it needs to go into the recycle container, a different magazine is exposed to visitors or family, or into a holder to be kept for further use. At the end of your reading session, return the magazine holder to its place by the door for tomorrow.

Time-sensitive magazines will generally go into the recycle container, as there is little in the magazine that will be of any interest next month, much less six months from now. Magazines about the house or garden may make it to the guest room for their entertainment when visiting. Particularly good articles may be clipped and saved. Magazines about hobbies or special interests will probably be kept for a reread or reference.

Keep the clipped articles and saves magazines in those holders. These specially made boxes will keep the magazines and loose pages neatly corralled and ready for future access. These holders can be made from really sturdy materials like wood or acrylic, but regular plastic and corrugated cardboard magazine files will function just as well is you are not careless in how you handle them. In fact, there are cardboard decorative storage boxes that can even be part of your home decor.  Then the information and ideas you saved will be available whenever you are ready to consult them again.  Magazine racks and magazine holders can help you stay organized.

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