The Magic of Black Candles and More

Candles have always been signs for special occasions. We light birthday, Easter and Christmas candles. Whatever the mood we want to evoke in a room, there is a candle with a particular shape, and color to bring it out. Over the centuries, people have made different kinds of candle to celebrate special moments.

Tapers are the ones which are long, wider at the base than at the top. Tapers may be smooth or spiral. You can find white, grey, blue, red, pink, yellow or black taper candles in most candle stores.  They can be custom-made to have names embossed on them or pretty little patterns. Tapers are great for placing above the fireplace or for lighting up the dining table.

Because tapers are thin, the melted wax drips down its sides. This is one reason why, when using tapers on candlesticks, be sure they have collars for catching the melted wax. You merely have to make a cartolina collar for the individual sticks. Simply cut circles out of the paper and punch out a hole big in the center of the circle. Be sure the hole is big enough for the candle to get through and tight enough around the candle to stay in place.

Molded candles are the ones which are shaped to portray cute animals, angels and sometimes hearts. Although you can get molded ones ready made in stores, some stores will not have samples of every shape they can form a candle into. If you can’t find a shape that you like, you need to ask the proprietor if they can custom-mold it for you.

A tea light is a candle that was traditionally used to warm tea or food. For this purpose, they are small candles that are made to last much longer than you would expect from their size. Tea lights may be shaped like small votives. On the other hand, they may be molded to resemble little fruits. These are ideal for giving soft but bright light. For such purposes you will need to use a lot of them together. From afar they look light stars twinkling.  There are specific tea light holders that can accentuate this appearance as well.

Gel candles are the latest fads among candle lovers, they last longer than ordinary wax ones and can easily be made at home. Instructions for making gel lights can be found on the internet.

If you are into aromatherapy you should think about ordering color and scent tapers. Although these can be bought in specialty shops, having them custom made with the scents and colors you like will make them worth every scent you pay. Among the scents that are available for these tapers are jasmine, rose, cinnamon, vanilla and mint. Different stores will have scents that other stores don’t have.

If you like designs with repeating lines, you can purchase hand-sculpted ones and enjoy the interesting patterns that were etched into them. You may also have them custom-designed and made for you. These are great as gifts to your friends, particularly those friends that love ethnic looking designs.

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