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When many people build a conservatory they usually do so hoping that it will provide them with extra space for it either entertaining or recreation, and a place where they can go to relax. However, many tend to fall into neglect and are not used near as much as they could be mainly because of the lack of temperature regulation within the room. The lean to conservatory, especially, can be very cold during winter and very hot during the summer. This is mainly because of all the windows surrounding the conservatory. Windows are rarely very well insulated, in summer they give off a hothouse effect and in winter they allow a lot of the cold winter air in.

If you go to all the trouble of building a conservatory you really need to take things a step further by installing conservatory blinds. There are many conservatory blind choices and options available with some costing much more than others. Your decision on the type of conservatory blinds you will install will most probably depend largely on how much money you have available to spend on these blinds.

It is essential to install conservatory roof blinds as much of the direct sunlight for most of the day enters into the room through the roof. A popular style of conservatory roof blind is the pleated roof blind. These are quite expensive and you will probably need to hire a professional to install them for you, but they will certainly go a long way towards cooling down your conservatory during summer.

While you may not have enough money available to install pleated blinds throughout your entire conservatory it is possible to install them on the roof and then install cheap window blinds on the other windows. This still looks very passable, and in fact if done properly it can look quite stunning.

Aside from installing conservatory blinds you may want to put some type of solar coating on the exterior of your conservatory including the roof.  You might also consider using uPVC double glazing for its insulation properties. In addition, many people find it is beneficial to also install an air conditioning unit and fans.

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