Is Marble Flooring a Good Choice?

Just a sample of some grey marble.

As a home owner, if you are carrying out renovations on your home, the flooring that you choose can have a huge bearing on the final look. For this reason, it is wise to be diligent when deciding. Marble flooring has had somewhat of a revival over the last 10 years or so. This has been due to an increase in demand across the tropics, and also southern Europe. Marble has often been deemed as an elitist material, and has been out of many peoples price ranges in the past. A large increase in the amount of marble being produced around the globe has brought the cost of it down considerably. This has enabled many more individuals to be able to obtain this opulent material for their homes.

The beauty that having a marble floor brings to your home, is not the only factor that makes it so popular. As it is such a dense material, the amount of heat that marble stores is minimal. This makes it extremely popular in warm countries, the low heat conduction has a cooling effect on the whole house. This is key in tropical climates. Many users of marble as a type of flooring will choose to decorate with a mate or a rug to improve the final look.

Although marble has many alluring properties, there are some negatives too. As a material it requires a lot of maintenance. Often specialists are required to keep the marble looking as good as new. This can be costly. It can also be slippery, especially if liquids are spilled on. This can be dangerous. A cheaper, and equally as stunning an alternative is hardwood flooring. If the correct wood is chosen for a room, the finish can truly be breathtaking. As there are so many different types, and styles of hardwood flooring, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes. More information can be found here

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