The Multi Purpose Wicker Basket

Wicker is thought to be one of the first materials that man used to help make life easier. Wicker was originally use for making baskets, but eventually it was adapted to make boats, and furniture and some cultures even made houses from wicker. There are a few reasons for this, but the main ones are that wicker is extremely light and also very strong. It is a very durable structure, and when you take into account how light it is, is can be very useful.  It is sometimes called rattan, another plant material used to make furniture items.   In fact, because of its qualities, wicker bathroom furniture is a great use for it.

We first used the wicker basket because of its extreme lightness. The lighter the item used for carrying you more that you can carry. Pretty much every single household would have had a wicker basket, they were so common that almost nothing else was used for carrying items.

Wicker baskets can be made using any woven plant fiber. Willow, cane and reed were some of the common materials used for wicker, but this choice came down to where you lived and what was near by. Some wicker baskets come with solid bases and others have woven bases, in a lot of cases this base would be woven into interesting shapes and patterns. A lot of wicker baskets and woven using different colors of wicker, to show different cultural themes. Wicker baskets can come with handles and/or lids and come without either and they are available in hundreds of sizes from 6 inches in diameter to something the height of your waist – like the height of a wicker bar stool. These baskets can be used in a variety of ways in your house for a number of purposes. The only thing that a wicker basket can’t store is liquids. Things like magazines, towels and clothes are ideal for putting these baskets.

You will find a wicker basket of some sort in almost every department store, and there will no doubt be a specialist-type store quite close to you as well, which will stock a large number of wicker products. Wicker is also very cheap to buy so you don’t need to worry about how you use it.

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