Murphy Beds Create a Comfortable Space for Guests

Have you ever been faced with the decision to turn your extra bedroom into a guest bedroom or an office? By adding a Murphy bed to your home office, you get the best of both worlds.

Murphy BedSummer is a time for going on vacation, having fun in the sun, and is also the time of year that you encounter house guests. Often, finding extra space in your home can be a problem, unless you have an extra bedroom dedicated for visitors.

While some people may have guest rooms in their home, others find it difficult to designate space for guest sleeping quarters.  It’s time to make your space work.  Murphy beds create multi-purpose rooms that take floor space utilization to the next level.

Any room can be transformed into a bedroom with a little help from Murphy beds.  You can transform an exercise room, an office, or even the living room into a guest room.  These specially designed beds will allow for the ultimate room functionality.  They are specially designed and can be attached to a desk or perhaps a set of shelves to make a more complete looking cabinet set.  Ultimately, you can accommodate others without sacrificing your interests.  Space is precious and each room space should be treated as valuable.

With the expertise of Tailored Living, a wall bed doesn’t have to be an awkward part of your home that is only useful during a guest’s stay.  Once retracted, you are left with attractive cabinetry that blends in with the rest of your home.  Every stain and color is offered to help the furniture perfectly mesh with the rest of the room’s decor.  It helps make your home more functional while maintaining sophistication.  You may even find that installing one of these beds will add to the look of the specified room.  If you’re extremely handy, you can even install the hardware yourself. It will impress your summer guests even further beyond the initial comfort of having a bed offered to them.

The Murphy bed gives the room’s main purpose more space as well as making your summer guests feel at home.  With this simple addition to whichever room you choose, your home will be the new favorite place to stay.  Having extra sleeping quarters at night and still being able to entertain guests during the day will give you new functionality of your home.  Call upon Tailored Living specialists to get the bed design that will change your space and give your home an added level of comfort.


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