Oak Flooring For Your Home

When selecting new floors for your home, there is no end of options available.  At the low end you can go with cheap linoleum stick down tiles; or a low end carpet.  At the very top of the market you are looking at options like imported marble, or expensive slates – or perhaps an expensive and rare imported hardwood.

If you are like most people, you don’t want the cheapest option, but either cannot afford or don’t want to spend what it costs for the most expensive ones, either!  This means you have to find a nice compromise in the middle.  There is no shortage of options there either.  Ceramic tiles, mid-range carpet, imitation woods are all respectable options.  In fact, even some of the cheap laminated flooring choices are becoming more on par with a nice wood floor.

There is another option however that has a lot of appeal.  As I will explain, it is possible to get the look of genuine hardwood floors without paying the price for boutique woods.

Oak is a wood that grows in relative abundance, yet is relatively beautiful.  This means you can get a hardwood floor for less than the price of some of the rarer woods, and still get a beautiful product.  Better yet, with a quality oak floor as your base, the careful use of wood stains can alter the appearance of your flooring to give it the look of those expensive woods like mahogany and cherry.

I suggest using the money saved on materials by purchasing an oak floor, and spend it on hiring an experienced professional to install your floor for you.  While it is certainly possible to install your own oak flooring, it is not a simple task.  Unless you are a skilled handyman there is a good chance you will have problem with your installation.  Oak hardwood flooring might just be the right choice for you.  An investment in such a designer floor provides a lot of style for the dollar.

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