Oak Front Doors Provide A Strong, Rich Look

No matter what type of economy we’re in or what stage of the home ownership cycle you find yourself in, first impressions are important in homes.  Curb appeal can make all the difference if you are trying to sell your home or just want to make a statement or put your signature on your home in the neighborhood. Visitors and passersby are bound to notice at least two things – the landscaping and the front door. An oak front door can make a bold impression, adding a touch of classic, refined good looks to your home.

Oak front doors can truly help you make the statement you’re seeking.  Furthermore, they stand the test of time when properly cared for – even better than doors made of other dense woods.  Not only is oak attractive, it is a hard

This is just one example of an oak door that uses a stained finish and unique hinges to create a more artistic welcome.

wood that resists the elements that other, softer woods – like pine or cedar – simply cannot.  It can take the punishment an exterior front door receives and come out looking great.

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These solid wood doors are not likely to warp or split as other woods may. Because it is substantial, it will provide security and strength. Despite its considerable weight, though, an oak door is easy to operate and will not wear out hardware and hinges when it’s installed properly.

On this note, if you’ll be installing the new door yourself, make sure that you ensure all mortises and hinge placements are accurate and that you’ve got a perfectly plumb and square door frame.  Replacing an existing door can be a simple job if you know some of the skills, but properly framing a door is a refined skill that you may wish to hire a contractor or carpenter for.  It will be money well spent to have a smoothly operating door for years to come.

One major benefit of using a wooden front door over metal or other styles is that wood can be refinished.  PVC doors and metal can be painted and this is common.  However, a dent in a metal door may not be easily be removed.  Also, metal doors can be a bit more of a challenge to decorate with or hang items on.  Wreath hooks that go over the door solve one problem, but there are other benefits of a wooden door, too.

But all the hidden benefits of an oak front door, including strength, durability and ease of use take a back seat to its beauty. You home will benefit from the impression made by your front door. An oak door may be treated with varnish, polyurethane or other clear finish that allows the grain to be seen.  Stains and varnishes will accentuate oak’s unique grain patterns.

Another option is to paint.  You can match or blend in with the existing colors of your home decor or go with something bold, modern or trendy.  That bright, red, front door is still a popular choice.  Although, now a gloss black door is becoming popular as well.  Both make great statements.

Many styles of oak door are available from simple Shaker designs to ornate carved patterns. There are also styles with no windows for more protection and privacy.  Then again, you may prefer a style with an oval window or four square window pattern.  Oak front doors are available from many retailers ranging from home improvement stores to custom fabricators that will work with you to design the door of your dreams.  So, whether you have a standard size door or need to order one in a custom size or design, you can surely find one that will meet your needs and announce and welcome guests to your home.

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