Optimize Space With A Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Bathroom wall cabinets are a great way to increase the storage space in your bathroom, but without some planning and considering other options you may be sacrificing the precious square footage that you have in there.  Most bathrooms are very small, and having a big cabinet on the wall is just going to get in the way, no matter how much extra storage it provides (you could have just thrown that stuff on the floor!).  In this post I want to share with you how to make sure that your wall cabinet is a good idea and some ideas for where to put it.

If you have a small bathroom it might be a better idea to find storage space outside instead of trying to stuff a cabinet in there.  There isn’t much you can do with small bathrooms.  With larger bathrooms, however, you do have many more options.  If you have a large double vanity or something similar you may be able to rearrange that to create more storage space and not need an extra cabinet.  The key is to maximize what you already have beforehand and you may be able to not need the cabinet at all.

If you’ve already decided that you want a wall cabinet are tired of reading about reasons why you don’t need one, here are some good ideas.  The optimal space for a cabinet it above something that’s fixed to the ground.  This way you aren’t sacrificing the square footage below.  Above the toilet is an excellent place, and so is above an existing counter.  You can also look at medicine cabinet style ones that are flush mounted into the wall.  These take a lot more work to install since you have to cut into the wall, but you lose no space.

Wall cabinets are great to increase storage as long as it’s the right thing to do.  If you’re short on space already, find somewhere close by to store the extra stuff.  If you have the space, be sure that you’re not wasting what you have by putting the cabinet in a smart place.

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