Outdoor Candle Lanterns for Your Home

Having large outdoor candle lanterns is perhaps a great addition to your accessories outdoors. These lanterns add magnificence and illuminate your home beautifully at nighttime. It would be really exciting having dinner with your special someone out at night with the lights all subdued and romantic. You cannot help but feel the emotion in the moment when the ambiance is right like this.  That’s a moment you want to capture in life!

Outdoor lanterns are not really expensive. In fact, they can be quite economical compared to other artificial lighting. Therefore, that should be great news since you do not really need to spend a lot just to enhance the look of your outdoor space.

There are a variety of ways that you can decorate your home outdoors with these lanterns. Hang them on pole mounts, posts, gutters, tree branches and table umbrellas. Just decide where you want to position them or at least figure out where they can provide the best illumination for your home at night.

One great benefit you get with candle lanterns is that it creates a stunning yet subdued lighting when the sun goes down. It helps create a romantic mood and is great during special occasions including dinner dates, Halloween parties, get-together parties, wedding receptions and garden soirees.

Camping can be awesome with these lanterns as well, helping you and your family create those memories. You may want your patio, garden, gates, doorway, stairs, and pool perimeters decorated with candle lanterns.

There are various types of candle lanterns of different shapes such as rectangular, cylindrical, ball, squared, and the popular ones that are octagonal in shape. As for materials used it is best if you choose ones that are made of fireproof materials and metals like copper, bronze, iron, glass, and nickel.

The sides and motif of some lanterns can be really artistic and creative. Sides may be tinted, frosted, stained glass, etched, abstract patterns, punched metal, and metal silhouettes. The motif can be considered Asian, Victorian, and Moroccan and also be designed like buildings, birds’ nests, branches, and holiday items. You can choose which of these designs you want for your outdoor candle lanterns that will be most appropriate for your home.

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