Outdoor Dining Furniture – New Options

Many people who love being outdoors are looking for ways to spend as much time outside as possible.  One way to make your outdoor deck or patio more useful is with new outdoor dining furniture.  Gone are the days when you got splinters on your legs from sitting on old picnic tables – now you can choose from many styles of functional and fashionable outdoor furniture.

There are a couple of main styles of outdoor dining furniture, “chat” sets and “dining height” sets.  Chat sets are designed for small groups, and use lower heights and more relaxed seating than traditional dining sets.  They often come with plush, comfortable cushions, and are meant for spending a lot of time in.  Some of these sets have tables that feature built-in fire pits and other features.

Dining height sets are more traditional styled, and usually are dressed up with stylish textures and designs on the tabletops.  Mosaics, stone and polished metals are common features found on these tables.  Other options are bar-height sets that raise the diners up even higher.

With the tables, several designers have replaced familiar clear glass with smoked, tinted or etched glass for tabletops. There have also been improvements in metal sets, with better versions of cast aluminum and improved powder coatings for strong resistance to rust.

Once your outdoor dining furniture set is in place, you’ll probably want to add some accessories for maximum comfort and enjoyment. These could include such things as: motorized awnings or umbrellas in weather-resistant fabric to provide shade; cushions and pillows in polyesters that will resist stains and mildew; a cart mounted on wheels for serving or other uses; covers to protect the furniture, grills, fire pits and other elements of your outdoor gathering set.

With a little research and imagination, your outdoor dining furniture can be the focus of a warm-weather setting that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

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