Outdoor Flooring Options for Your Patio Area

Outdoor flooring options are available in a wide range that are both functional and enhance the overall look of the garden or patio area, as well. The primary factors to be considered when choosing an ideal outdoor floor are maintenance, budget, and style.

It is also essential to consider safety of the floor especially in places frequented by children or the elderly.

Popular Options:

Wood – This represent the major choice for most types of enclosed patios or other covered areas.  They are long lasting and also complement many settings. It holds the capacity to resist conditions like heat, moisture, rain etc.  High quality wooden flooring is perfect for using in areas with decks or patios.

Besides, they are also used to make pathways or fencing that add elegance to the area. The standard ones include oak, teak, mahogany, and redwood

Brick tiles – This is the oldest type of flooring that continues to hold huge demand. These are slip resistant and can be cleaned with ease. The tiles are made using high quality clays and concrete materials.  The more common name for these stones is outdoor pavers or just pavers.  Another prime feature of this is it gives a natural and attractive feel to the outdoor area.

Soft flooring – This is best for outdoor areas used more by children or elderly people. The most popular type is rubber which is safe and offers good grip or footing. This is available in different colors and patterns.  You can also soften the patio area using any number of outdoor rugs available.

Hard woods – This is applicable for covered patios as it can sustain any weather conditions. Besides, the linear nature of the boards enable you to make a small outside area look spacious.

Stained concrete – This process is now growing in popularity. With this, colorful stains are applied on new or existing concrete. It gives similar effects to painting, with a more permanent aspect.  It has its own very distinctive look.  These are quite durable and also easy to maintain. It can also be more affordable than total replacement costs of existing slabs or flooring choices.  The main trick with this flooring option is that it is very labor intensive.

Snap together tiles – This is a creative flooring option that include stone, granite and slate. These tiles are cost effective and do not require any refinishing despite constant use. It is also easy to install unlike other flooring products.

Regardless of the various flooring options available, it would be ideal to make the best choice by weighing all the pros and cons.

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