Outdoor Patio Roof Options

If you are looking for a roof for your patio then you will no doubt be aware there are many options open to you. In this article I’ll take a look at a few that you might want to take into consideration before you make a purchase.

Unique Hip Roof

The hip roof is one that is less common but is a great idea for adding onto an existing roof. The way it works is that the clear polycarbonate covers may be an added just a few inches below the roof overhang that exists and may be shaped to fit an odd angle or a corner, adding to a back porch or a front porch or even to create a closed sunroom. It will likely slope in two directions and form a square in front. Ask your contractor more about the unique uses of what is called a hip patio cover roof design and how it may be incorporated over your deck.

Carport Roofs

One of the most common renovations to a home is the addition of carports. These roofs can be flat or a double slope design if there will be heavy rain or snowfall. These structures can be an extension of the house or freestanding.

Canvas Awning and Canopy Roofs

The patio awning or canopy is the least expensive if it’s a canvas design, but the retractable ones will cost almost as much as building a structure from aluminum. A canopy is best over a deck that is for summer use or for an entrance porch.

Polycarbonate Skylight Roofs

The skylight outdoor patio roofs are great for residential or commercial uses and can be built with steel frames or aluminum and polycarbonate.

A butterfly patio roof design is unique in that it is low in the center and fans out and up on either side. There are many variations on this design, with a large rafter in the center and clear panels on either side for light. These can later be enclosed to create a sunroom or screen room or left open. Since the roof slants to the center these designs are best for regions with infrequent snowfall. However, the structure can be built to withstand wind and rain.

Vaulted Roofs and High Church Skylights

You may also choose a church skylight design or a vaulted ceiling. These work marvelously over an area that will be enclosed, but may also be great for carports to accommodate high vehicles or as roofs over patio areas that double as work spaces. Great for commercial and residential applications. Check into the polycarbonate panel and aluminum and vinyl outdoor patio roofs that are available in your area.

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