Tips When Buying Outside Showers

Are you looking for efficient and dependable outside showers to go with that new pool in your home? Perhaps you love the great outdoors yet hate the lack of civilized bathroom amenities in the woods? Fortunately for you, there are now a wide array of outdoor shower assemblies that are designed to cater to the unique needs and shower requirements of people just like you.

Just as with indoor shower designs, there are options for your home or other outdoor arenas.  When buying showers for the outdoors, here are some guidelines that you need to keep in mind so that you will end up with the most suitable choice.

Consider opting for easy to install outdoor shower systems. A wide range of these products normally come in quick install kits. These kits will come in handy during those weekend camping trips since they are fairly easy to setup without needing special tools. And if you are worrying about your privacy, you can always opt for a set that comes with lightweight fabric shower doors. Aside from easy setting up and down, the parts of portable showers can be tucked away all in one compact bag. Brands that are worth checking out include Zodi and Cabela.

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Acquire a shower model that is equipped with heating mechanisms. If you think you would have to make do with showering under water of freezing temperature, then you better think again. There are plenty of outdoor portable showers that are fitted with heating mechanisms. For camping trips, there are portable assemblies consisting of an insulated bag that can hold up to six gallons of water. All you have to do is to simply hang the filled bag somewhere within the sun coverage, and a few minutes is all it is going to take to heat the water.

Of course, there are much bigger setups that can hold up to 30 gallons of water which are designed to accommodate about ten minutes of continuous showering. However, these solar-powered systems come with bulky insulated water tanks. The gas-heated systems, on the other hand, will include both water tanks, plus the tanks containing the liquefied butane gas.

Of course, your best bet at finding the cheapest quality outdoor shower assembly will be shopping around and comparing prices online. Often, the large stores have discounts or web-only specials on these units that are last year’s model or in time for certain holidays.  You might even find free shipping and same day delivery options when you make a purchase online.

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