Pantry Doors Decoration

The pantry is used to store food stuff that does not require storing in a fridge. This room can also be used for storing cooking utensils or anything else that you use often enough, but are either too large or you just want out of sight.  Pantry storage is a great solution.  he room is usually located off the main kitchen. In some places, this room is referred to as a ‘larder’. There are also pantry cabinets that serve the same function and are simply smaller in size than the full walk in pantry room.  Usually there is no window providing natural light into the small room. For this reason, quite often the door contains a glass panel allowing light to transfer.  Glass pantry doors can be treated in a variety of ways.

The glass could be plain glass or opaque.  Many take the opportunity to have the glass decorated with all sorts of designs by a process called etching. In most cases, this is a chemical process involving acids.  Some glass can also be sandblasted to give you a unique finish.  There are suppliers that can supply panes of glass off the shelf already etched with a design and ready for fitting into existing or new pantry doors. These suppliers will also prepare made-to-order designs, specifically to meet with your requirements.

Etched glass is generally quite expensive. If you have a door with glass already installed and do not want the bother of replacing it, there is an alternative.

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Vinyl film is available that looks similar to etched glass when applied to glass. The vinyl film is adhered onto the existing glass. This film can be cut into any design by computer aided cutting machines. It has a self adhesive backing and is easy to apply to the glass. Make sure that the glass is clean prior sticking the film in place. This is a relatively inexpensive way to decorate existing glass doors.

Internal glass doors are very popular these days not only in pantries but in numerous locations throughout the home. Shower doors, glass paneled doors, French doors, to name a few. The main consideration with glass doors is that safety glass should always be used in every case. It is building code requirement that glass within critical areas in doors be made from safety glass. The critical area in doors is usually all glass up to 5 feet above finish floor level.

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